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Working papers

Panics and Early Warnings, with Deepal Basak (Indiana Kelley)

R&R at Journal of Political Economy

Dynamic Coordination and Bankruptcy Regulations, with Hongda Zhong (LSE), 

R&R at Review of Financial Studies

Biased Wisdom from the Crowd, with Zhao Dandan (Tsinghua PBCSF)

The Consequences of a Small Bank Collapse: Evidence from China, with Liyuan Liu (Tsinghua PBCSF) and Xianshuang Wang (Tsinghua PBCSF)

Dynamic Transparency and Rollover Risk, with Xu Wei (CUFE) 

Selected Work in Progress

Individual Delays, Learning, and Aggregate Coordination with Payoff Complementarities, with Christophe Chamley (BU)

Strength v.s. Frequency of the Liquidity Stress Tests, with Deepal Basak (Indiana Kelley) and Mayur Choudhary (LBS)

Strategic Understatement, with Wendy Jin (NYU Shanghai)